Meet Meag-gan

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

-Maya Angelou

I support Black and marginalized communities to resist oppressive systems, and reclaim self-worth

My gift is unearthing the truth from the lies we have internalized. The goal is to thrive and contribute our healthy presence to the world. I achieve this by providing DEI consulting, speaking, and therapy to heal people, change systems, and create liberation for all.

Favorite Color?

Green. All shades.

Favorite Food?


Favorite TV Show?

Twilight Zone- the old school black & white version.

What are you proud of?

Accepting myself as I grow and believing I have something worth contributing to the world.



Core Personal Values

Compassion for self and others

Genuine connections



Cultivating courage

Play, adventure and leisure

Sharing and receiving wisdom



Rest and reflection

Professional Bio

*My worthiness as a person is not based on any of these achievements*

Dr. Meag-gan (she/her) is a licensed Psychologist, self-worth expert, DEI Consultant, and the Co-Founder of Inherent Value Psychology INC. She completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University where she was hired and served as a Staff Psychologist and Coordinator of Outreach Equity and Inclusion for six years. Her pioneering achievements during this time include the creation of the first satellite clinic for Black undergraduate and graduate students across the African Diaspora that created increased mental health access for Black students.

Dr. Meag-gan co-created the Outreach and Social Justice Seminar in 2016, which trains clinicians to be culturally conscious and justice-oriented. As a Lecturer in the Stanford School of Medicine, Dr. Meag-gan taught Wellness 110: The Science of Motivation and Procrastination, a course that reached max enrollment each quarter. In describing this course Dr. Meag-gan says: “students and professionals came to learn how to grind and left knowing what they are striving for.” Dr. Meag-gan co-created and teaches Wellness 141: Thriving While BIPOC, an independently funded course created to meet the emotional and unique intellectual needs of Black students, Indigenous students, and all students of color.

Concurrent with her time at Stanford, Dr. Meag-gan is a highly sought DEI and mental health consultant and runs a private practice that centers the healing and thriving of Black professionals. Dr. Meag-gan is the creator of therapeutic Healing Circles for Black employees in partnership with companies such as Google, The San Francisco Ballet, Virgin Pulse, and the United Negro College Fund STEM Scholars Program. These spaces provide coping and resistance skills to assist employees in thriving, not just surviving. These groups emerged in response to the murder of George Floyd and the chronic trauma, grief, and loss in the Black community. The Google Healing Circles program is continuing into its third year and is projected to be launched globally within 2023.

Notably, Dr. Meag-gan took to the TEDx stage in 2018 to remind us that our lives matter to the world. Her TEDx talk: Enough is Enough: The Power of Your Inherent Value, can be seen on YouTube. Dr. Meag-gan’s research and writings focuses on social justice, and her areas of clinical expertise include trauma, high functioning depression, high achiever stress (imposter syndrome perfectionism & Burnout) and social identities (particularly race, social class, and gender). She is the author of “Systems Centered Language: A Necessity to Speaking Truth to Power During COVID-19 and Confronting Racism.” This article has received over 24k views on medium (as of 10/2022) and Dr. O’Reilly will be conducting grant-funded research on its core tenants. Dr. Meag-gan deeply believes in equipping people with the best decolonized psychological science to empower and liberate communities. 

Inherent Value Psychology Inc.

Inherent Value Psychology (IVP) is a bay area-based corporation that is dedicated to reclaiming a full sense of worth and wellness for Black and other marginalized communities in the workplace, within oneself and within society.

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Logan O’Reilly and Dr. Meag-gan O’Reilly, IVP made its debut on the TEDx stage in September of 2018. The TED Talk: Enough is Enough: The Power of Your Inherent Value, presented to the world that the ability to be self-valuing is a psychologically healthier and more fulfilling way to live. However, systems of oppression and unjust societal norms target Black and marginalized communities. This results in having a conditional, “prove-it” stance toward ourselves and others. Many of us will try to prove our worth by ceaselessly striving for higher levels of academic achievement, wealth, beauty, and overall approval and external validation. The difficult work of IVP is enlightening all individuals to recognize and reclaim worth as a birthright that cannot be granted or taken away. All other types of health and wellness flow from this belief of personal significance.

Thus far, Inherent Value Psychology has traveled nationwide and internationally providing workshops, training, keynotes, retreats and system changing DEI consultation partnerships to universities, high schools, nonprofits and tech companies. IVP is an innovative consultancy providing both BIPOC Healing Circles and White Humility Circles to equip white people with the awareness and tools to dismantle the systems from which they benefit. From one-on-one dynamics up to large systems, Inherent Value Psychology has begun the self-worth revolution!