"The First Act of Love is to Listen"

About Dr. Meag-gan

I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, from the University of Northern Colorado. I completed my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University Counseling and Psychological Services, Vaden Health Center where I served as Staff Psychologist for six years.

I work from a Liberation Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral framework. I am a contract therapist for LYRA Health and can serve all covered employees, partners, and dependents. I am not currently on any insurance panels and thus require fee-for-service for non-Lyra clients. However, I can provide documentation (superbills) for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For Therapists

For Therapists

So many of us were not taught how to center systems of oppression in our clinical work. I provide supervision on how to decolonize your practice and how to take care of yourself while doing so.
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Virtual Group Therapy

Virtual Group Therapy

Gathering to collectively heal is one of the oldest wellness practices. It’s time we return to our roots and gather to grow. My virtual group therapy offers community, validation and evidence-based tools for insight and behavior change.
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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

What if you had one hour a week to honor your experience and work toward your emotional goals? I specialize in depression, trauma, and high achiever stress, for the Black community, the Queer community and other people of color.
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For Therapists

SimplePractice CE (Continuing Education)

This course guides participants on an exploration of psychology’s development into social justice. By examining the seven social justice mindsets, with liberation as the highest goal, participants will learn how to incorporate social justice work into the therapy room. Case anecdotes are shared throughout the presentation to demonstrate the application and spirit of this orientation.

1.5 hours CE. Recorded video (non-interactive) format. Case examples include fictionalized elements.

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No matter your racial, ethnic or cultural background, this candid one-day (recorded) training will equip you to enhance your treatment with minoritized clients and inspire you to begin using your practice as a source of systemic change!

The ingrained impacts of systemic racism affect every sector and institution of our society, pushing many to the margins by means out of their control. Our therapeutic spaces are not untouched.

Despite our best intentions, many of us are unwittingly committing microaggressions, damaging rapport, and perpetuating inequalities. Without acknowledging power differentials and uprooting our biases we can fail our clients and unknowingly participate in the oppression.

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Liberation Coaching

Coaching entails three meetings. In the first I provide a detailed and applied introduction to Liberation Psychology. You will present the clinical cases you wish for us to examine. In our second meeting, I will share my prepared interventions as we discuss how to make these recommendations your own. Our last meeting will occur two weeks after to check-in on your learning and provide closure. Liberation Coaching is a 1:1 safe learning space that many of us did not receive in our formal studies. It is never too late to make your practice a liberating space.

*This is not a supervisory relationship; thus I do not assume any liability for treatment outcomes of your clients*

Group Therapy

Dr. Meag-gan specializes in providing innovative and engaging virtual group therapeutic spaces for the Black community. Group offerings change each quarter. Current group offerings are below.

Black Perfectionism

Perfectionists struggle with unrealistic standards, harsh self criticism and procrastination. When you add respectability politics with working twice as hard to get half as much (the Black tax), the pull toward perfectionist behaviors within the Black experience can feel inescapable. In this 6-week skills and process group, I will identify the common traps and guide you in practicing the Cognitive Behavioral tools to minimize perfectionism while maintaining your drive toward achievement and Black Excellence.

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From Surviving 2 Thriving

Our communities continue to be under siege. The toll of this struggle can go unseen, but should not go unacknowledged. This 6-week process group will honor the ways we have survived through unrelenting trauma and grief. We will center our right to thrive in a decolonized definition of wellness. In this group we will share narratives of survival and learn tangible tools for flourishing while co-creating collective healing. Cohorts for Black women and Black Queer Folx are available.

Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth

Everywhere you look in our culture, there is the narrative of proving yourself to be of value. It started with grades, and never stopped. From toxic productivity to appearance and status, our mental health is eroded by never feeling worthy enough. It is time to see ourselves in a different and more accurate light by dismantling conventional ideas and re-envision the true meaning of self-worth.

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$150.00 per group session. Entire 6 or 5 week program must be paid in advance. 
Group therapy is often misrepresented on TV and in the media. Allow me to inform you about the process and power of group therapy as I see it.

Individual Therapy

I believe in YOUR inherent value.

I believe in the inherent value of every person. I conceptualized, and work through a Liberation Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral framework. Cognitive Behavior Therapy permits me to provide a goal-oriented structure, concrete skills, and comprehensive therapeutic support. 

I also believe that all counseling is multicultural counseling impacted by systems of oppression. We all represent multiple intersections of identity. Recognizing contextual factors, and cultural diversity is at the forefront of my therapy. I approach my clinical practice with a deep belief that people want to be recognized for, but not reduced to their differences. As a Black woman, I acknowledge the diversity I bring into the counseling room and prioritize you having the requite space to heal and process. I welcome all sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, economic backgrounds, and genders.

Therapeutic success for me is when new understandings, new behaviors, and self-compassion have been acquired so that symptoms are reduced or management is at a level to which you feel that you are able to function, and flourish without the support of regular counseling. 

I look forward to working with you!

Areas of Clinical Expertise: Trauma, Depression, Passive Suicidality, Anxiety, High Achiever Stress, Impostor Feelings, Perfectionism & Self Criticism, Burnout, Work-life Integration, Resilience, Healthy Relationships/ Boundaries, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Compassion for Self and Others, Motivation and Procrastination, Personal Values and Life Fulfillment.

I am not providing couples therapy at this time.

Rates: $350/session