Mr. Logan O’Reilly

Mr. Logan O’Reilly (he/him) is a DEI facilitator and Energy Consultant at Clean Solar who is passionate about sustainability and environmental justice. 

Mr. O’Reilly comes to the DEI work like many white men do. He was raised in homogeneous white spaces unaware of his privilege. As a childhood golf prodigy turned professional golfer, he led a life cocooned and protected from the inequalities that existed around him. In this climate large blind spots and colorblindness allowed for racially insensitive behaviors to go unchecked and normalized.

His education in environmental and sustainability studies prompted him to see how environmental injustice impacts those on the margins first and is intimately linked to all other oppressions. However, he still did not realize the impact of his whiteness in the world. Further educational experiences, and marrying Dr. Meag-gan O’Reilly, was the gateway to examining his personal privilege and fragility.

Trained by Inherent Value Psychology INC and holding a DEI certification from the University of Colorado Boulder, Mr. O’Reilly is the lead facilitator of the White Humility Circles and is skilled in having conversations with other white people on the path to allyship. He is a holistic, systems thinker who works toward justice not only pertaining to environmental justice issues, but in all structures that oppress. He believes deeply in coalition building, true co-conspiratorship, and liberation for all.